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All Things Fuzzy

The Many Stages of a Fuzzy Kitten Savannah kittens will go through multiple fuzzy stages from birth until about six months of age.  Getting quality photos of kittens can be tricky for breeders at times because of these fuzzy stages.  When kittens are first born, up until about four to...

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Settling Your Savannah Kitten Into Their New Home

Settling Your Savannah Kitten into Their New Home It is important not to overwhelm your new Savannah kitten immediately up arrival to your home. Each kitten will transition differently from the breeder’s to their new home. Leaving their familiar environment, siblings and the human family they have known all at...

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Pin It to Win It!

Calling all Savannah Cat Enthusiasts! We are holding a Pin It to Win It contest and drawing.  Here’s how it works: 1) Follow Select Exotics on Pinterest ( 2) Create a Pinterest board titled “Select Exotics’ Savannahs.”  Use the Animals category for your board. 3) Repin this contest announcement AND...

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Zeus the Serval: Why the Savannah is a Better Choice

Anyone that has perused YouTube in search of Savannah videos has surely come across Zeus, a pure African Serval.  The amount of views his videos have and continue to receive is mind blowing. Zeus is an incredible specimen and people’s attraction to his beauty, athleticism and intelligence is understandable. Morgan,...

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Shipping Your Savannah Kitten

Having a kitten shipped via the airlines is a common concern of many clients. As a breeder that has been doing so for 15+ years, I no longer have these concerns, but I do understand them so I thought I would take a few minutes to explain the procedure and...

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Vaccinating Savannahs against Feline Leukemia

There is great controversy over vaccinating Savannahs for Feline Leukemia.  Many breeders will say that you cannot vaccinate them for it because they will contract the disease and die.  As the longest standing breeder of the Savannah we have always vaccinated for the disease, yet have not ever had an...

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