F2 Savannah Kittens

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Introducing Kittens From:
Jan x Jerricho

Jan #1

Ready To Go NOW!

Sex: Male

Price: $6,500


This boy has a very beautiful, buttery-gold basecoat.
He is so much fun to play with.  He likes to ‘crow hop’ around as he pounces on the toys!

Jan #2

Ready To Go NOW!

Sex: Female

Price: $3,000 Pet
$6,500 Breeder

SOLD to California


Introducing Kittens From:Frosty x Gibson

Frosty #1

Ready To Go:
Approx February 6th

Sex: Male

Price: $8,500

SOLD to Illinois


I LOVE this kitten.  He is going to be a hard one for me to let go of!
His personality is unusually hands-on cuddly for an F2.  He is super playful, confident and loving.
He is also gorgeous! All legs and ears, long necked and super coloring with the whited underside like the Serval!!

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