Recommended Products

We are often asked what kinds of products we recommend for the Savannahs. Following is a compilation of foods, toys and other products that we use ourselves or have been highly recommended by many of our clients. Not every food, toy, etc. will be compatible with each individual, but generally speaking, our experience indicates that these products work well with Savannahs. For your convenience, you can click on the following links to order these products directly from

Our Favorite Wet Food

Many vets are recommending a long term diet of both wet and dry food for felines to optimize urinary tract and kidney health. We have found that many of the Savannahs prefer a dry only diet as they mature, but for those that continue to eat the wet food here is a list of the high quality wet foods we recommend. Most are grain-free and made with quality meats.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Food — Chicken Formula

24 – 5.5 oz >>
12 – 12.5 oz >>

Special Note: The larger can is a fraction of the price of the smaller can.

Our Favorite Dry Food

At Select Exotics we have tried many of the high quality dry foods over the years. We have settled on Royal Canin and been happy with how this food agrees with most all of them. We have tried some of the other higher end dry foods, such as the Innova dry food, and found that it was too rich and caused loose stools in about 20% of our Savannahs. The following foods are all high quality foods that have quite a range in price.

Our Favorite Raw Diet Food

We feed a raw ground diet to our lactating queens and use it when weaning kittens. We feed dry food in addition to the raw and recommend that anyone that chooses to feed a raw diet also supplements with dry food to ensure a balanced vitamin and mineral intake.

Our Favorite Treats

Treats can be very hit and miss. What one cat seems to think is kitty-crack the next could care less about. Following is a list of high quality treats that are not loaded with fillers.

Recommended Bowls/Fountains

Most Savannahs LOVE to play in water. Sometimes that can mean splashing all of the water out of their water bowl! The Buddy Bowl is another product that I highly recommend. I don’t think we could live without them!

Recommended Cat Litter

Our kittens are started on Feline Pine pelleted litter. It isn’t abnormal for kittens that are just starting to get up on their feet and around to crawl into the litter box and try to eat the litter. This pine litter will pass through their system without any complications.

For our adult cats we use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat. We went through a trial period of sampling most litters in search of the one that would clump the hardest and have the least amount of dust. Precious Cat Ultra is what we were happiest with.

For those interested in a non-clay litter or toilet training yo0ur cat, try the Swheat Scoop or Flushable Litter. And for those kittens or cats having some confusion on where the litter box is, the Cat Attract litter works quite well.

Recommended Litter Scooper

I cannot say enough positive things about this litter scoop. Seems crazy to be so excited about such a product, but nobody enjoys scooping the litter box and the quicker we can get it done, the better! This scoop doesn’t have any give to it, it easily breaks urine clumps loose that are stuck on the bottom of the box and the dry litter filters through it quickly without creating a lot of dust. Great product that was created by a start-up family business!

Recommended Litter Boxes

Enclosed litter boxes are great for containing litter that would be tossed out during scratching and the odor. Following are some options that either open from the top or the front. If you are storing the cabinet under a table or something the front opening would be ideal, otherwise the top opening works great. Some have a drawer for storage of bags or litter scoops.

Walking Jacket Harness

I frequently get asked about harnesses for the Savannahs. The thin nylon harnesses don’t work well, as they are able to easily get their elbow under the strap and slip out. These harnesses fit snugly and have a thick cloth ‘strap’ that they cannot work out of.

Cat Wheel

Not all cats will use the cat wheel and it does take some training to get them onto them. However, once they figure them out most cats love them. It is not an inexpensive toy, but a great enrichment opportunity for such an active breed.

Cat Hammocks

Hammocks are probably the number one product I can recommend. Our Savannahs LOVE their hammocks!

Our Favorite Cat Towers

There are so many cat tower options available. My reasoning for recommending these towers: the hammock!

Cat Beds

To each his own. We all have our own preferences, as do cats. Each individual will have slightly difference preferences, but the following beds each provide something that we know cats, in general, enjoy – heat and a hiding space.

Window Seat Perch

All cats like to be able to able to watch the critters and activity outside. The Savannahs are no exception! I prefer this perch that does not have the suction cups and cords that attach to the window, as a lot of cats would chew those cords.

Wall Shelves

Jackson Galaxy is a strong proponent of providing high up spaces for cats to be able to observe their space from an area they feel safe and confident. Wall shelves work great!

Recommended Pheromones/Calming Products

There are times that our cats can get worked up and need a little help relaxing – trips to the vet, new pets being introduced into the home, owners being out of town. The following products are not cure-alls, but can help take that edge off.

Behavior Modification

I often get asked how to keep cats off of counters. My explanation is that the Savannahs are very intelligent and quickly learn what is and is not acceptable, but they are like teenagers and are going to push their boundaries when they think they can get away with it. They may stay off counters while you are home, but while you are away they will likely find their way up there. This is one option to try to deter them.

Toilet Training

Many Savannah owners have toilet trained their Savannahs. They are the ideal breed for this, with their extreme intelligence.

Cord Protectors

Most Savannahs will be curious about cords for a short period when they first get to their new homes, but this is usually short lived. We recommend wiping cords down with Bitter Apple to deter them short term. On occasion we will hear of a Savannah that is prone to chewing cords. In those cases it is important for the safety of the cat and to save cords and appliances that cords be covered.

Recommended Toys/Enrichment

The extreme intelligence of the Savannahs can make it difficult at times to keep their minds satisfied. They are constantly looking for new ways to entertain themselves. Rather than offering a multitude of toys at all times, we recommend rotating through toys so that they only have them for a few days at a time and are less likely to get bored with them and go on the hunt for other ways to entertain themselves.

Teaser toys are what we use the most at Select Exotics. They just can’t resist the teaser toy! Which is why we send one home with each kitten to help them get settled into the new environment and bond with their new family.