Sherri Brooks

About Sherri:

Sherri’s long background of working with and breeding companion animals has made her an asset to our team.  She has successfully bred both dogs and cats.  However, she has focused her energy mostly towards dog training and handling.  She has taught dog training courses for years, as well as volunteered her skills to her local 4H youth program.

Sherri’s primary responsibility at Select Exotics is to PLAY with KITTENS!  She holds the coveted “job.”  She starts handling the kittens shortly after birth – holding them and snuggling them each individually, every day.  Once kittens are weaned from their mothers she brings them into the studio apartment/office area each day for socializing.  She gets down on the floor to play with the kittens with toys, pets and touches them from head to paw and holds them for as long as they can handle being away from the toys.   If any kitten needs additional one on one time she makes sure that they get it.  Sherri gets lots of help from Kadie, the youngest Hummel.